Sunday 2 February 1975 (Sunday League Division Three):

  Box Hill 1  

  Alpine 11  

1 Hooper
5 Wiffen         15 Burns #         13 Pygas         6 Slade         3 Claughton
2 Bailey         12 Toal         20 Cranston
10 Parkin         14 Phillips

(# Sub - 11 Davies.)

Scorer - Phillips.

  Getting a bit stuck now for ideas, I agreed to implement a scheme known to history as the Bailey Plan, which had been expounded to me by the superstar of the same name during one of our regular Tuesday night planning sessions in the Vending Room at Leeds Uni. To be honest, I can't after all these years remember exactly what this product of Mr Bailey's fevered brain entailed, other than the now traditional five defenders, and Les not being one of them. Maybe that was it!

  Predictably, the Bailey Plan worked no better than any of our other various line-ups. Alpine, who had become one of the better sides in this new division, saw us off quite comfortably, the only scrap of glory going to Kevin Phillips, who scored with a well-struck volley from a Steve Toal pass. This was another of those remarkable end-to-end games, in which we had every bit as much possession as the opposition, but let ourselves down in front of their goal and our own. Unsurprisingly, it was in these areas of the field that the outcome of the game was decided.

  The Sailor gig at the Penthouse on Friday had been universally hailed as one of the greatest ever nights even at that venue, but had been spoiled a bit for me by my coming out in a severe rash just after midnight. Still having this bizarre and inexplicable affliction on Sunday, although otherwise suffering no ill effect, I for once did the decent thing and took myself off in favour of the patient Rob Davies in the second half.

  The previous weekend to this, not having a game, I'd stayed in Leeds, and been to the now celebrated Leeds v Wimbledon FA Cup tie, the visitors then being in the Southern League. This game, as most will remember, ended in a draw, after Dicky Guy saved Peter Lorimer's penalty.

  Just over a week after this game, Margaret Thatcher was elected leader of the Conservative Party.

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