British Gas v Box Hill pictures.

  The reunion game, 22/9/90, North Riding College, Filey Road, Scarborough.

  Box Hill players: Goalie Chris Pygas, 2 Les Bailey, 3 Duncan Claughton, 4 Steve Burns, 5 Andy Porter, 6 Steve Slade, 7 Mike Hayward, 9 Barry Suggett (Rob Daniels in the second half), 11 Les Appleby, 12 Steve Toal, 14 Kevin Phillips.

  I think most of the photos are by Steve Ward, although who took the team group (the only picture of Box Hill ever!) is a bit of a mystery.

Back: Kev Phillips, Chris Pygas, Barry Suggett, Andy Porter, Duncan Claughton, Steve Slade, Mike Hayward.
Front: Les Appleby, Les Bailey, Steve Toal, Steve Burns, Steve Ward.
Picture 42


Picture 44

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Picture 51

The Britsh Gas game, when these pictures were taken.

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