Sunday 20 April 1975 (Friendly):

  Citron United 1  

  Box Hill 8  

15 Burns         8 Weaver         6 Slade         2 Bailey
7 Hayward         12 S.Toal         5 Porter
G.Toal         14 Phillips         11 Appleby

Scorers - Porter, Appleby 2, G.Toal, Bailey, Own Goal, Phillips, Hayward.

  Four weeks after the end of the league season, the world had already changed quite a bit: Box Hill, for one thing, were even now effectively a thing of the past. It had become clear to me that, if the team were to continue next season, it would have to be a very different set-up from the present one, and I was not likely to be part of it. So, not without a certain sense of history, I decided to get the lads back together for one last match as Box Hill, and whom better to play than the side who had finished bottom of Division Two for the second year running (there had been no relegation in 1973-74), with a record that made ours look positively successful.

  To be honest, I don't remember too much about this game, except that we played in white. Steve Toal's brother Gary was a player of whom much was expected in the future, so now seemed like a good time to try him out, and playing Willy Weaver, one of the few players we had who could head the ball properly, at central defender had been on my mind for some time. Both of these changes were moves that, I hoped, would benefit the team next season, whatever its format.

  If anyone had seriously doubted the extent of Box Hill's late-season improvement, the evidence was here for all to see this day, although this week the touchline was rather more sparsely populated than it had been recently, so most people, including several of our (by now) former players, had to take my word for it. As for the goals, for once there were so many it's impossible to recollect individuals, but I must say it was nice to see Mick Hayward get on the scoresheet at last. Most unusual of all, Andy Wiffen was a spectator for most of this match, and, as I recall, rather unlucky not to keep the first and only clean sheet in the history of the club. As it was, he had to be content with the enviable record of having kept goal in all three of the games which Box Hill had won.

  There were no big celebrations at the end of this match. I think we all knew it was the end of an era, probably the end of Box Hill FC, but then this game had been so unlike any that had gone before that it really didn't feel like Box Hill any more. After all, we were now arguably the second-worst team in Scarborough!

  It was during April 1975 that Saigon fell to the Viet-Cong.

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