Friday 23rd August 1974 (Jim Rollo 6-a-Side Competition):

  Home Guard Club 0  

  Box Hill 0  

(Home Guard won 1-0 on penalties.)

Team was:
1 Hooper, 6 Slade, 4 Armitage, 15 Burns, 10 Parkin, 14 Phillips.
Unused sub - 5 Wiffen.

  Four days after the Hackness debacle, the Upper Sixth Form lot (Graham , Les, Duncan, Steve Toal, Chris Pygas, Tony Hodgkinson, Steve Ward and myself) got our A-level results, and embarked on a pub crawl which is still remembered by those who took part even more vividly than Box Hill. Next week, it was the turn of the O-level results, and in the evening we dropped in on the home of the greatest football club in the world for their annual Six-a-Side. Being drawn against the Sunday League Division One champions in the first round was not quite what we had wanted, given our newly found humility, but in the event I have to say we gave them rather a good game.

  We could and should have won it in normal time, but fluffed a couple of half-chances, and the contest went to a sudden death penalty shoot-out, which in those innocent days was a bit of a novelty. They scored with their first kick, and unfortunately the otherwise excellent Norman Parkin missed ours, so that was that. We were given a generous round of applause as we trooped off, and were told by all those old men who always seem to congregate at these functions that, if we played like that in the league, we wouldn't be long in the bottom division.

  It had been a great experience playing at the Athletic Ground, as it was then called, and not getting humiliated had been a bonus, but poor Norman was inconsolable. The rest of us went to the Cask to drown our sorrows, and thence on to the Penthouse to see the great, and to this day still undiscovered, Raymond Froggatt. By the end of the evening, inevitably, we had convinced ourselves that we were footballers again.

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