Box Hill Football Club,

of the Scarborough Sunday League (North Yorkshire, UK), 1974-75.

  This is the web site of Box Hill FC, the bright tangerine star that blazed brightly but briefly in the firmament of the Scarborough and District Sunday League Division Three over forty-five years ago.

The only Box Hill team picture ever, from the 1990 reunion game.
Back: Kev Phillips, Chris Pygas, A.Ringer, Andy Porter, Duncan Claughton, Steve Slade, Mike Hayward.
Front: Les Appleby, Les Bailey, Steve Toal, Steve Burns (author), Steve Ward

  Much water has flown under the bridge for all of us since those heady days, and the passage of time has no doubt dulled many memories, good and bad, of the people, places and incidents that were part of our misspent youths, but somehow the recollections of this phenomenal football club have grown more vivid over the years, and trying to set the tale down in words has made it all seem like something that happened yesterday. These were unprecedented days, marking for many of us the transition from boyhood to adulthood, or at least from school to the real world, and perhaps Box Hill was our way of announcing to the real world that we were part of it.

  Of course, the great enterprise failed, and failed miserably by any normal criterion against which such projects are judged. Any doubts you may have about that will soon be dispelled if you scan the pages that make up this site, a tale of disaster frankly told. And yet, the memory of the club lives on like no other, not through any undue sense of reverence or, still less, of achievement, but rather as a monument to the spirit of a group of youngsters whose pride and faith in each other was so strong that they felt they really could take on the world.

  This is the story of an important year in my life: I hope it was important to you too. If you still remember Box Hill, and are interested enough to scan this site, then, for you at least, it wasn't a total failure.

  The contents of this site have been taken, more or less word for word, from the booklet, "Box Hill F.C. 1974-1975, The Latest Story Ever Told", which was first inflicted on the world in 1990, to coincide with the reunion of that year, and, for some unknown reason, has been reprinted twice since.

  No great technical merit is claimed for this web site; there are no gimmicks, no fancy HTML and no Java. At least not yet. It's just the facts, a bit of purple prose from me, and a few low quality but irreplaceable pictures to round it off.

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Braeburn 6-a-Sides 18/5/74.
Summer 1974.
Hackness Friendly 11/8/74.
Home Guard (6-a-Side) 23/8/74.
Alpine Friendly 1/9/74.
Throxenby Friendly 8/9/74.
United Friendly 13/9/74.
Throxenby Friendly 17/9/74.
Dales (A) League 22/9/74.
Negas (A) League 29/9/74.
Hackness (A) League 6/10/74.
United Reserves (A) League 13/10/74.
T.A.F.C. (H) League 20/10/74.
News Avengers (A) League Cup 17/11/74.
Throxenby (A) League 1/12/74.
United Reserves (H) League 15/12/74.
Dales (H) League 29/12/74.
Hackness Friendly 5/1/75.
T.A.F.C. (A) League 19/1/75.
Alpine (H) League 2/2/75.
West Riding (A) District Cup 16/2/75.
Hackness (H) League 23/2/75.
Throxenby (H) League 9/3/75.
Chris Hooper in the Mercury, 15/3/75.
Alpine (A) League 16/3/75.
Negas (H) League 23/3/75.
Pics from above.
Citron Friendly 20/4/75.
Braeburn 6-a-Sides 10/5/75.
Pics from above.
"Different Days", 1975-1990.
British Gas Friendly 22/10/90.
Pics from above.
"Final Words", 1999.
All Results and League Table.
Box Hill Squad Numbers.
Appearances Table.
Press Cuttings.

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