Sunday 23 March 1975 (Sunday League Division Three):

  Box Hill 2  

  Negas 6  

8 Weaver         7 Hayward         6 Slade         21 Irvine
12 Toal         20 Cranston         15 Burns         5 Porter
2 Parkin *         11 Appleby

Scorers - Parkin, Appleby.

* Photographic evidence shows that, for some reason, Norman borrowed Les Bailey's shirt for this game.

  Box Hill's last league game ended with a predictable scoreline, but one which doesn't really do justice to the greatly improved performance that was characteristic of the team in these latter days.

  Although Les Bailey and Chris Hooper were absent, and Kevin Phillips missed his only game ever, the makeshift side we had out, which included a rare outing for Dave Irvine, confounded expectations somewhat in the first half, against a fairly strong Negas team. Les Appleby made one goal for Norman, and then accepted a pass from Steve Toal before adding another, to ensure we ended the half with the narrowest of deficits, at 3-2 down.

  Unfortunately, Steve Toal, whose captaincy was becoming more inspirational every week, had to go off injured at the interval, and this rather scuppered any chance we might have had of getting a result. There was no substitute as usual, but perhaps this was not too surprising given the way we'd treated Rob Davies and others in the past. Negas scored three times without reply in the second period, but they knew they'd been in a game after this one, and they didn't lend us Terry Dobson for the second half.

  This was the only competitive game, as far as anyone can recall, when Box Hill were photographed. A set of fifteen or so black and white frames were taken by the club's enthusiastic fan and photographer, Steve Royen. The keen young faces and long hair are still a joy to behold today.

  There had been a genuine feeling in the last few games that something had definitely changed - not just the new players, but a more positive attitude was prevalent throughout the team. We had emerged from the mid-season bickering much stronger in terms of morale, and I for one would have given much to be allowed another season with this club. Sadly, it was not to be.

  That afternoon, Pete Cranston and I were persuaded to turn out for Les Appleby's EMMCo team, in a rearranged Saturday League game against Edgehill. Unsurprisingly, we lost 6-0. In 1975, not yet turned 19 years old, we never thought playing two games in one day the slightest bit excessive.

Pictures from this match. (17 black & white pictures, approx 30-40Kb each.)

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