Sunday 1 December 1974 (Sunday League Division Three):

  Throxenby 7  

  Box Hill 4  

1 Hooper
4 Armitage         2 Bailey         6 Slade         5 Wiffen
20 Cranston         12 Toal         15 Burns
10 Parkin         14 Phillips         11 Davies

Scorers - Cranston, Bailey, Burns, Slade.

  By now, our fame was starting to spread. Sharp-eyed readers of the Evening News who had spotted our increasingly adverse results were starting to make up songs about us at the Athletic Ground on Saturdays, and folk were coming from far and wide to see us play in the confident expectation of being royally entertained. This keenly-awaited bottom of the table clash was particularly well attended, most noisily by Ray Welford and the Alpine mob.

  And what a game it was - very different from the News Avengers rout, but just as humiliating in its own way. Throxenby had fewer youngsters than before, but those they had were so puny that we couldn't tackle them without sending them crashing to earth, and conceding a free kick or penalty. The referee had clearly not been told that we were the underdogs (Throxenby had, after all, snatched a couple of points from somewhere by this stage of the season), and consistently reacted with sympathy when the frail-looking Lilliputian Throxenby teenagers were strongly tackled by our big bruising defenders, such as Les Bailey and myself. Trailing at the start to a couple of such dubiously awarded penalties, we hit back temporarily when Kevin Phillips put Pete Cranston through to score, and then the towering figure of Les rose highest in the penalty area to head home Norman Parkin's corner. Adrift 3-2 at the interval, we came back again with efforts from myself, once again made by Kevin, and the now customary Steve Slade solo goal, but a series of late, and not entirely unpredictable, defensive lapses ended our interest in the game, although they did provide much amusement for Ray and his pals.

  Andy Wiffen managed yet another position, the left-back spot that was proving so hard to fill in the absence of Duncan, Rob Davies had one of his rare outings in place of Steve Ward, and Steve Toal was made captain from this day forward. None of these changes could be termed a big success.

  This was the weekend my parents chose to tell me they were going away to Malta for three years in the New Year. As at Sunday morning, there was some doubt as to whether I'd be in Scarborough at all after that, and it was certainly becoming clear that, for me at least, Box Hill would be a one season phenomenon.

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