Sunday 8th September 1974 (Friendly):

  Throxenby 6  

  Box Hill 16  

4 Armitage         2 Bailey         7 Hayward         21 Irvine #
12 Toal         15 Burns         6 Slade
10 Parkin         14 Phillips         9 Ward

(# Sub - 11 Davies)

Scorers - Bailey, Burns 3, Parkin 4, Toal, Slade 3, Phillips 3, Armitage.

  Eric Sedgman having put me in touch with Throxenby's Secretary Jack Comins, a friendly on the sloping pitch at Throxenby Hall was duly arranged, and what a shock it turned out to be. The home side turned out to consist about half of adult footballers, and half of young kids, inmates of that emporium, who were pressed by Jack and the other teachers into playing for the football team presumably as a last resort punishment for repeated wrongdoing. Some of them couldn't have been older than twelve.

  Against such opposition, we scored almost at will, the highlight being when Graham Armitage went on a classic overlapping full-back run, and travelled the length of the field before scoring, without anyone making a serious effort to tackle him - his only goal for us, but a memorable one in its own way.

  With Chris Hooper absent, I nervously gave Andy Wiffen the goalkeeper's jersey, and unfortunately his limitations were badly exposed. Two of the Throxenby goals were scored direct from a kick-off, by their enigmatic forward Steve Hamblett teeing up the ball and driving it past Andy from the centre circle.

  A huge win, though, in quite the highest-scoring game I've ever played in. We were so excited about this one that we went down the Tip in the afternoon for even more training.

  This day also featured the first appearance of Box Hill's change kit. Eric Sedgman had mentioned to me that Throxenby played in red, and took the opportunity to enquire what our alternative strip was (i.e., did we actually have one?) "It's all white, Eric", I'd rather unconvincingly told him, and so all white it was, give or take the odd band logo, Leeds United badge or whatever. It's no exaggeration to say this kit on its own could have got us thrown out of the league before we'd even joined it.

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