Tuesday 17th September 1974 (Friendly):

  Throxenby 2  

  Box Hill 2  

1 Hooper
21 Irvine #         2 Bailey         13 Pygas         3 Claughton
12 Toal         15 Burns         6 Slade         7 Hayward
8 Hodgkinson         14 Phillips

(# Sub - 10 Parkin)

Scorers - Burns, Parkin.

  One last friendly was arranged to get us into shape for the fast approaching season, against the team we had beaten so handsomely a mere nine days before. Although we were missing a few key players, and the Throxenby team had improved out of all recognition, it was felt to be a worthwhile exercise, if only to have another look at the white shirts that would be needed against Dales next Sunday.

  In the absence of Graham Armitage, I made myself captain, won the toss, elected to kick out of the setting Sun in the first half, and - joy of joys - opened the scoring with a shot from forty yards that the goalie could hardly have seen. From a personal perspective, probably my most satisfying moment with Box Hill. But Throxenby were made of sterner stuff these days, and hit back twice before half-time to take a deserved lead.

  Norman Parkin had unquestionably been our best player pre-season, and he came off the bench for the second half, and scored a fine equaliser, which served to emphasise how much we'd miss him over the next few weeks. After that, the game could have gone either way, and chances were squandered at both ends, but in the end a draw was probably a fair and honourable result.

  The first league game was in five days time, and the team was as ready as it would ever be. The absence of Norman would of course be a bit of a problem, but most of us agreed that, overall, we had performed well enough over the pre-season period to be afraid of nobody, and especially not of Dales. How wrong we were...

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