"BARDS of a FEATHER" - the Book.
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  In the long-requested debut selection of the work of Baz Cooper and Kevin Collier, you can read about:-

  .....plus no fewer than 23 other Poems and Monologues, with occasional illustrations, guaranteed to make you think a bit and keep you chuckling throughout the long winter evenings.

  Of the 28 pieces in the book, three are included in the links on the left hand side of the page (and these really do change every day, honest, as long as you have Java Script enabled for your browser), plus a page with a few samples from the other poems.

  The purpose of this site is to bring the Bards' work to a larger audience rather than just to flog the book, and we can't take orders over the internet, but, if you really can't wait for tomorrow's helping, you can buy the book from the Bards themselves.

Colour pic of book cover

BARDS of a FEATHER is available at £4.99 from Baz or Kevin,
if you can find them lurching about somewhere in Otley.

It can also be sent by post to anywhere in the world
for £5.50 inc P&P from the address below:


This is what it looks like, if you're looking for it in the shops.
Cover design by Jessica Stockham.

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  If you fancy leaving a message for the Bards, or if you just want to say you've visited the site and what you thought of it, or in fact if you want to say anything about anything, we now have a Guestbook in which your thoughts can be immortalised.

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