Time Zones


I was booed by all in Budapest;
They jeered me in Algiers;
In Bangkok I had an accident
That filled my eyes with tears.

I couldn't cope with Copenhagen;
I got wrecked in Reykjavik;
And I spent a week in Cyprus
In Nicosia - in the nick.

I felt mellow down in Melbourne;
In Chicago I felt chic;
In Florence I felt - Florence
(but only on the cheek).

I went rancid in Rangoon;
Krakatoa drove me crackers;
In Venezuela I turned paler
When someone kicked me - in Caracas.

I caught the lumps in Kuala Lumpur;
In Rotterdam I caught the rots;
In Sydney I blew a kidney;
And in Detroit I got detrots.

I lost my cat in Katmandu;
In Kashmir my cash was lost;
So I'm going to Virginia;
And I've got me fingers crossed.

© Baz Cooper 1999.